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A Web Based Health Portal Gets UI/UX Facelift

Healthcare Portal Renovation and Redesign

Solution: Application Development

Industry: Government, Healthcare & Medical

Project: Healthcare Portal Renovation and Redesign
Client: Metropolitan City

A major Midwestern metropolitan city home to over 8 million residents developed a comprehensive, go-to public health communication web portal and communication platform relied on by essential medical care providers, first responders, laboratories, and local health agencies.

Challenge: A Lifesaving Health Portal Needs An Upgrade

The portal, which listed and reported critical health crises and breaking news such as outbreaks and alerts, was hosted on an outdated version of LifeRay. The new and improved version of LifeRay included a host of enhanced user, interface and customization features that would greatly improve the site. However, since an older version was being used to host the portal, this meant the appearance, functionality and over all user experience was limited and was not as streamlined as it could be. Upgrading the portal to newest LifeRay platform was necessary in order to ensure critical health crises were reported in a timely, trustworthy and accurate fashion. Dunn Solutions was chosen to implement the project due to our decades-long, hands-on experience and partnership with LifeRay, which proved to be a winning combination that set us apart from competing firms.

Solution: A Fresh User Interface and New Features Are a Winning Combination

Prior to the revamp, information was scattered and difficult to locate – users would spend several minutes trying to find what they needed which resulted in confusion, wasted time scrolling and searching and a poor user experience overall. As part of the two-phase update, the Dunn Solutions implementation team rebuilt the site using the new Liferay architecture. The project included rewriting all the portal’s back-end administration portlets, transforming the entire user interface and navigation to make it easier for users to locate important, breaking updates and information, and organizing all pages to have a uniform layout and appearance. LifeRay fragments were also leveraged to simplify future development of new web pages.


Result: New UI Portal Drives Adoption

Once the new portal was revealed, the difference was clear. Not only was health information simpler and quicker to find with the renovated user interface, and the design and appearance was clean and intuitive. In addition to the design changes new features were added on both the front end and the back end. One favorite feature was the “Latest Alerts, Reporting Information and Contact Us” fragment, which displayed relative information in a “feed” fashion. All users are now able to get critical health information they need fast without hassle and with just a few clicks.