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Having access to a framework that gives your organization the power to mine business intelligence from increasingly large data sets in real-time is critical to the success of a modern agile enterprise. The faster your business can cull actionable insights from your data warehousing solution, the greater your advantage in driving revenue, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. The IoT has guaranteed that we will have more data than we can handle.  Modern real-time big data architecture combines Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark and a variety of other technologies. Hadoop is engineered for big data analytics, but it's not real-time. NoSQL is engineered for real-time big data, but it's operational rather than analytical. NoSQL together with Hadoop is the key to real-time big data. With its memory-oriented architecture, flexible processing libraries and ease-of-use, Apache Spark has emerged as a leading distributed computing framework for real-time analytics. Combine these technologies with Storm and you have the management tools for real-time business analytics.

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