Agency Analytics Support Services Agency Analytics Support Services

Agency Analytics Support Services

People have long relied upon beasts of burden to help bring more items to market and carry heavy loads that people cannot carry on their own. Dunn Solutions is equipped to provide the Agency Analytics Support Services that allow your agency to focus on what you do best.

We can be your data and analytics back office, handling the projects you don't have the bandwidth or resources to complete.  As clients are demanding more from their advertising dollars, especially in the area of data modeling and campaign metrics, they are relying on their trusted advisors – you – to meet those demands.  Understanding the customer behaviors and buying patterns are critical factors in the success of today's campaigns. The industry is undergoing a transformation and there is an increasing demand for vendors to provide solutions that are updated frequently.  Competing in a rapidly evolving economic environment requires informed, forward-looking thinking about the impact of change on business performance.

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Offer Your Customers Advanced Analytics

Dunn Solutions helps advertising agencies and marketing companies be industry leaders with our cutting edge technology and advanced analytics.  We do all the heavy lifting of the data, applications and analytics to help you better compete by offering new, game-changing advanced analytics services.   We are experts in Omni-channel advertising optimization and measurement for online, social media and traditional media.  As Omni-channel becomes the norm rather than the exception, companies need to become more shopper-centric.  They require customer targeting optimization, including better pricing, promotions and markdowns across all channels and touch points.  It is vital to provide them with the analytics, data and application support to drive informed decisions for optimizing the advertising dollar.  Our analytic capabilities and methodologies provide the ability to apply history, facts and rules to product, price, promotion and operations to drive decisions on which advertising is the most effective in driving sales.