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Local Search Engine Optimization

Even when you do business nationally, it can be difficult to avoid Google's Local-Business Listings. Google estimates that as much as 73 percent of all online activity involves a local search. From the "Map Pack" local listings that appear above the Organic Search results to the Yelp pages that can dominate them etc., the system is ubiquitous and you have to be found on Maps and in Organic Results alongside your competition - wherever they are.

If your customers search for you using "near me" or search using phrases that return Map Pack Results, Local SEO will be absolutely essential to your marketing strategy. If your customers can find your competitors in Google's Map Results and evaluate them before they ever reach their websites but they can't find you, you'll always operate at a disadvantage. Your local search rankings aren't reflections of organic domain results—they're determined by a distinct rankings algorithm that can, and often does, produce different results. 

A business that's the third ranked domain result can be first ranked local result, and a business that isn't on page one at all can be one of the top three Local Search Results. To take advantage of that opportunity however, you will need Local SEO Consultants who are well-versed in the differences between the two systems, who have the experience and expertise to identify critical opportunities you may be missing and customers you may be missing out on.

Dunn Solutions Local Search Engine Optimization Services

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Dunn Solutions Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Dunn Solutions SEO experts take hold of the vast array of local listings attached to your brand, enhance, optimize them and transform them—taking  potential time bombs and creating an invaluable chain of off-page online marketing assets. Dunn Solutions' Local Search Optimization services provide you with the tools to make sure your brand is accurately and effectively represented in local business spaces and rankings based on results drawn from a wide range of social media platforms. We'll review, adjust, and claim your local search and business profile listings, take control of your online reputation, aim additional traffic at your primary website then provide detailed analytics and reporting on the results. Our local search optimization services will give you the power to present your brand in the way you want future prospects or existing customers to encounter it.

Everything the Dunn Solutions SEO Team will do to improve your businesses position within Local Search will be based on our understanding of a simple but underappreciated rankings factor … Trust. To build the trust that improving your local rankings will depend on, our SEO consultants will:

  • Optimize Your Primary Local Listings 
  • Clean Up and Building NAP Citations 

Personalized Local SEO Solutions, Expert Results

We understand local search marketing can be daunting and we understand that every business has its own goals and needs. Whether you're just starting out online or have an established online presence or are looking for customizable Local Search Optimization services that meet your needs, our SEO consultants will work with you to create an ideal mix of product and services to meet your specific needs. Contact Dunn Solutions Today!