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Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Your website is the face of your brand, but it is far from the only place online where you will need to make a positive impression on Search Engines.

You've already realized that higher organic search rankings will expose your site to a larger segment of your target audience, unfortunately on-page optimization alone, though essential, won't guarantee rankings success.  Did you know 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results? To ensure and maintain higher rankings you'll also need to reinforce your general level of search visibility by building a web of active backlinks and by bolstering your off-page brand presence via every suitable channel.

Off-Page SEO Services

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Page Links Drive Search Results

How many pages link back to yours? How popular are the pages where those links appear? How socially trusted are they? Has the anchor text linking back to your site been overtly constructed or does it appear to be organic?

Factors like those are on the lists of elements Google weighs as it decides how to rank your site based on the value flowing into it.  You can have a site with optimized code, Meta tags, URL's and search friendly copy besides; but if there are no links pointing at it—signaling that you're an "authority" in your online space, and further or if there are no social signals saying you're a "trusted" online authority; Google will decide that your website isn't a reliable enough as a resource to move to the top of its search results.

To solve that problem, Dunn Solutions SEO team will determine where your current links are coming from and identify possibilities for improvement, while seeking out opportunities and suitable venues for our organic link-building efforts.

Social Link Building and Organic Backlinks

Not so long ago, building the backlinks you need for better rankings was a relatively simple process. You could buy them or plant them in sites known as Link Farms. But today Google penalizes websites that have paid for links or have links from the aforementioned link farms by lowering their rankings or removing them from searches entirely.  Those penalties have narrowed your link building options but two that remain are the most reputable options … Local and Social Links.

Our SEO Consultants will both help you optimize shareable, backlink anchored content and build the social platforms that will maximize the value and exposure of those links. Our experts also work to ensure that your existing business listings include backlinks with well optimized anchors and that your organization appears in every applicable listings network. Together, these tactics will grow your rankings and expand your visibility.