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On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Dunn's SEO consultants will identify your audience goals and begin optimizing your website to attract them via search results from the inside out. Regardless of the audience you're chasing online, your website should be optimized with search engine rankings and visibility in mind—to enable better chances of attracting and capturing online customers. Having an attractive website today doesn't automatically lead to a successful SEO presence.

Best Practices for Successful On-Page SEO

Viewing: To have a successful SEO presence websites also must:

To have a successful SEO presence websites also must:

  • Be sharable
  • Be easily navigable
  • Contain optimized code
  • Have intelligent information architecture
  • Have search-friendly URL's
  • Contain targeted content

These are just some of the features that drives rankings, generates traffic, and encourage conversions.

Today, on-page SEO has to be the cornerstone of your online positioning strategy. If your website is riddled with code errors, has an inconstant information hierarchy, has gibberish filed URL's etc., that all works against your SEO presence. These mistakes can hinder, if not outright thwart, other marketing efforts. Such errors and omissions actually make your site too confusing for Google to read and evaluate and you'll lose organic traffic as a result. Too many businesses rely on websites that were designed to be pretty rather than to get results. But you don't have to, the SEO team here at Dunn Solutions can show you how to build your site so that it works for customers and search engines.

In addition to optimizing your site's copy and content, our specialists will eliminate code that's reducing your website's accessibility to Search Engines, customize elements that maximize its visibility, and enhance both its technical and information architecture.

Search Optimized Copy and Content

Once we've optimized the elements of your website that only Search Engines can see, we'll focus on the elements consumers interact with.   

Content is king?

You've probably heard that "Content is King," but that isn't a 100% accurate.  The truth is that relevant and search friendly content is king - and there is a difference. Making sure your website's content is search friendly is a crucial, but tricky process. Search optimization means redesigning and redeploying your site's user targeted digital assets so that they're more likely to make consumers and search engines happy simultaneously. To Google the key is being able to attract trust and authority while strategically deploying relevant key phrases. That may sound like an impossibly daunting balancing act, but it's where Dunn Solution's SEO copywriting and digital asset optimization expertise comes in.

Our SEO specialists will work with your writers to develop an optimized copy strategy that meets your needs. If you don't have the resources in house or have never employed a digital copywriter, we'll produce a search engine friendliness focused "refresh" of your current website copy that meets search engine's content quality demands. Our experts also go beyond that because your site's optimizable content doesn't end with the written world. In addition, our team will optimize non-text digital assets including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, image galleries, audio files and/or videos on your website, to bolster your rankings.

For more information on Dunn's On-page Search Engine Optimization Solutions, please contact us at info@dunnsolutions.com