SEO Copywriting and Digital Asset Optimization Services SEO Copywriting and Digital Asset Optimization Services

SEO Copywriting and DAO Services

Traditionally, SEO copywriting has been about optimizing page copy with targeted keywords and phrases in specific frequencies and densities. But our search engine research shows that the major factors that determine how well your pages are ranked by a search engine are based on things that happen off page.

While keyword research is still crucial, Google's algorithm has evolved. It treats the social signals accrued by your website, how often and where others share your content, and the terms they use to describe it in backlinks as important indicators of quality and relevance.

Having landing page copy that's optimized both for search and for social sharing will be essential to your organizations SEO success. Our experts leverage SEO Copywriting best practices to ensure that off-page content supports your websites messaging and efforts in achieving high organic rankings. Our experts ensure that your site's content doesn't begin and end with a few words on your landing pages.

SEO & DAO Services

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Digital Asset Optimization Services

Our SEO experts leverage Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) to ensure Google's algorithm accurately assesses your website's digital assets - images, videos, audio files, power point presentations and .pdfs. Digital assets can go completely unseen by Google unless properly optimized – greatly diminishing the value of the content in organic SEO results. Our DAO efforts enrich your content with search friendly HTML and metadata. It leverages Google's ability to read and return search results based on contextual descriptive information embedded in and surrounding images, videos or documents as well as the full set of web development tools that allow us to feed friendly descriptions to search engines and social media channels.

Our Digital Asset Optimization service takes advantage of a search algorithm's core function: interpreting the "user intent" behind a given search and returning results accordingly. DAO is optimizing toward the various ways customers convey intent via search, Google responds by returning an Image Block or a Quick Answer Box or Reviewed Product Pages rather than simply Home Page URLs when properly optimized. It's inclusive of all of your digital assets which expands your search rankings across a wider range of points along the conversion funnel.

Digital Assets Our Experts Optimize

  • Product Pages, Reviews and Promotions
  • FAQs and Forums
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • News
  • Images
  • Location and Contact Data
  • PDF Press Releases, White Papers, Brochures or Product Sheets