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How Patient Portals Improve Patient Engagement

Since their inception, patient portals have become increasingly user friendly and have greatly improved visibility and communication between patients and healthcare / service providers. Today, patients can reach out to their medical providers and support staff online to request and schedule appointments, check in on lab results, refill prescriptions, ask non-emergent health questions and the list goes on.

A feature that’s becoming increasingly popular are Telehealth video consultations. Patients can schedule appointments with a healthcare provider with the possibility to be instantly connected without leaving home. This ease of availability helps to decrease the wait time the patient faces when needing non-emergent medical care.

Dunn Solutions’ patient engagement portals not only have improved the level of patient engagement with doctors and healthcare providers but they have allowed patients to better access and view their own medical records, appointment schedules and prescription information. Prior to being able to utilize an online portal, patients were not able to easily access their appointment schedule, appointment notes, lab results, update their account information or communicate directly with their healthcare provider without picking up the phone to call in or physically going into a medical facility.

Previously, patients would go in for an appointment or testing and have to wait not only for their results to process, but to receive the results in the mail. The amount of time patients waited to access their results, the time they would wait to discuss them with a doctor or medical staff in office, along with the limited visibility patients had into their own medical records acted as a barrier to the patient having a clear vision of their overall health.  

With a Dunn Solutions’ patient engagement portal, patients now can quickly and easily request their records be shared with various providers, friends or family members electronically. This decreases the time frame between seeing new or referred providers by being able to share records and results with the click of a button. This eliminates long wait times between the records being requested, sent and the appointment scheduled.

Dunn Solutions has helped many companies bring their vision for their patient portal to life. For example, Dunn Solutions has built Telehealth video consultations that offer patient record sharing with doctors, service providers and insurance companies. Dunn Solutions’ patient engagement portals allow patients to track the progress of their lab results online and schedule appointments directly with their providers. Through our experience in building custom patient engagement portals, Dunn Solutions knows how to build a user experience to best serve patients, healthcare providers and support staff needs.

Contact Dunn Solutions today to arrange a free consultation with one of Dunn Solutions’ Patient Engagement Portal Experts!

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