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Marketing Automation Trends for 2019

Anisa Samarxhiu
Posted 12/20/18

Whether you are engaged in marketing on a day-to-day level or just have a passing interest, you know that marketing automation is not going anywhere. With people being inundated with marketing of one kind or another all the time, we want to show you the trends we see for 2019.

1. AI will continue to rise

Whether it is using Chatbots or product recommendation engines, artificial intelligence will continue to keep growing and be utilized. You can track user behavior, requirements and needs. We are a fan of this trend because it helps to create curated content for specific customers. You can update subject lines based on predetermined triggers, welcome customers to your website, or use the data to identify returning customers and offer them special discounts. Some finesse goes into doing this right, but the results can be powerful!

2. Content remains crucial

All the intelligence in the world will not mean a thing if marketers cannot provide good content. People who consume content in large amounts are always actively looking for more good content. Making it interactive is also a trend that we are seeing.  Its a great way to stand out. When you look at Buzzfeed, you can see that they have at least 5 new quizzes a day, and it’s one of their most popular content types.

For 2019, the blog will remain as an important content tool. Why? Because it’s the fastest way to create engaging content for a large audience. Optimize your content with the right keywords as well. This will help with your organic search and make your website more SEO friendly!

3. Find ways to keep in touch with customers

For 2019, customer engagement through email marketing remains an important way to keep them coming back again and again. This can be through cart abandonment emails, restocking notifications, an anniversary celebration email for those long time customers, the list can go on.

This can also be done through transactional emails such as order status updates. This type of content not only continues engagement, it also builds a sense of trust with the customer. These types of emails also tend to have the highest open rate. Why is that important? It means that if you include a recommendation block, a discount or a banner about a sale, the customer is more likely to view it than just a normal marketing email that may just be skipped over.