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The Business Love-birds: Machine Learning & Marketing

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 10/26/20
Wouldn’t you love to know the future? If you are a marketer, such knowledge would mean designing campaigns that always have 100% conversion rates, always knowing the best offer for customer retention, achieving astronomical ROIs, and landing that dream job at Google, Amazon, or Dunn Solutions. Sadly, unless you have a crystal ball, the best you can do is to look at the past and see if there...

Data = Revenue, what are you waiting for?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 10/26/20
Here are the three steps you need to follow. We have been talking so much about all the cool stuff data scientists can do these days. Predicting customer behavior is valuable to organizations as it leads to revenue growth. Virtually all organizations claim they understand the importance of Machine Learning to increase revenue, but guess what? 2/3 of them have incomplete, poor, or...

Marketing Mix, Attribution; Both, or Neither?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 6/4/20
Often, Dunn Solutions’ clients ask me whether they should do Marketing Mix Modeling , Attribution Modeling , or both, and are often unclear about the difference between Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution Modeling . You can find many online sources trying to define the difference between Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution Modeling , but you will have to sift through...

A/B Testing: Common Woes of a Beloved Technique

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 5/14/20
Whe ther you are tracking the  effectiveness  of a marketing campaign, the “accuracy” of your  predictiv e model , or the time savings from  your newly re-engineered process, you should  always have clearly defined Key Performance I ndicator s  (KPI s ) and well -thought-out  process es  for measuring success.   ...

Use Machine Learning for Your B2B Pricing Strategy!

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 2/13/20
Despite playing a major role in the economy, the business to business (B2B) sector largely lags behind the business-to-consumer (B2C) market in adopting predictive analytics for business decisions, and looking at Dunn Solutions’ clients I can confirm that this is the case.  One area of particular interest is pricing; unfortunately, many companies still see pricing in B2B as a domain where...
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