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Build a Data Lake in the Cloud in 30 Days

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 11/2/20
Deliver the data your business needs, Now! Today's organizations need access to all their data now – and don't have the time to always create formal data warehouses. Dunn Solutions has the answer – our data lake consulting services and cloud data partners can deliver an agile data lake for your business in 30 days ! We have pre-built connectors to over 100 common enterprise data sources...

The Business Love-birds: Machine Learning & Marketing

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 10/26/20
Wouldn’t you love to know the future? If you are a marketer, such knowledge would mean designing campaigns that always have 100% conversion rates, always knowing the best offer for customer retention, achieving astronomical ROIs, and landing that dream job at Google, Amazon, or Dunn Solutions. Sadly, unless you have a crystal ball, the best you can do is to look at the past and see if there...

Data = Revenue, what are you waiting for?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 10/26/20
Here are the three steps you need to follow. We have been talking so much about all the cool stuff data scientists can do these days. Predicting customer behavior is valuable to organizations as it leads to revenue growth. Virtually all organizations claim they understand the importance of Machine Learning to increase revenue, but guess what? 2/3 of them have incomplete, poor, or...

Make Dunn Your Big Data Team

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 10/23/20
Big Data? What the hell is big data? The dictionary  defines Big Data as “ extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions”.   I just call it lots of data from different sources. That data is used by different functional areas within an...

Moving Your Data Warehouse from SQL Server to the Cloud!

Jose Hernandez
Posted 10/22/20
In this blog, I would like to discuss moving your data warehouse from SQL Server (or any on-premise RDBMS) to the cloud ,  more  specifically, to Azure. Before I do that, I would like to lay down a foundation by acknowledging the modern data warehouse.   A  data  warehouse must support more use cases than  ever...