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Why Should You Upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.3?

Brandon Novy
Posted 9/15/20
Welcome to the new decade of business intelligence! SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.3 is now available. In June 2020, SAP released the most radical version of BusinessObjects in a decade; BusinessObjects is a major overhaul both visually and behind the scenes. Upgrading BusinessObjects is not a trivial task, and organizations don’t take these activities lightly, so why should you...

Time Travel with Snowflake

Varun Daga
Posted 7/14/20
Time travel would be awesome!  Think about going back in time and buying a winning lottery ticket or buying stock in an up and coming company, just before it makes it.  It would be so great.  However, many time travel movies and shows always warn us about the dangers of changing timelines.  Maybe time travel isn’t a good thing.  Well, I have a few examples of time...

Marketing Mix, Attribution; Both, or Neither?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 6/4/20
Often, Dunn Solutions’ clients ask me whether they should do Marketing Mix Modeling , Attribution Modeling , or both, and are often unclear about the difference between Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution Modeling . You can find many online sources trying to define the difference between Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution Modeling , but you will have to sift through...

The Correlation / Causation Smackdown!

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 5/21/20
Get the Truth from Your Marketing Mix Analysis If you are a teenager, and you drink soda, you are much more likely to knife someone. No kidding! It turns out that soda, which is already being blamed for obesity and tooth decay, also turns teens into killers! At least according to some reporting sources (Check out The Washington Post’s blog “Soda Boosts Violence Among Teens” - ...

A/B Testing: Common Woes of a Beloved Technique

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 5/14/20
Whe ther you are tracking the  effectiveness  of a marketing campaign, the “accuracy” of your  predictiv e model , or the time savings from  your newly re-engineered process, you should  always have clearly defined Key Performance I ndicator s  (KPI s ) and well -thought-out  process es  for measuring success.   ...