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Why You Should Outsource Your Machine Learning Needs?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 1/11/19
Machine learning , when implemented well, has proven to be extremely effective at helping companies maintain a competitive advantage. Sounds like gibberish on a commercial, right? Agreed. Let’s restate that. The clients that I have worked with in the past 7 years that have leveraged machine learning have increased their profitability between 33% and 265%. I hope...

Targeting the Right Customers Can Boost Your Marketing ROI

Varun Daga
Posted 11/9/18
A good marketing strategy is very crucial to maintain business growth and attract consumer’s attention. The first step to having success is to get to know your customers better. Generalized marketing seems to be an easy task but is it worth the investment? The end goal is not just to make the customers aware of your products, but to get them interested in buying them. For this purpose,...

Move Your Enterprise Data to a Cloud Data Lake and Cloud Data Warehouse Right Now!

Ashish Trivedi
Posted 8/30/18
Combining structured data, semi-structured data to perform analytics is hard.   If you’re like most, the data that you need and use every day are spread out throughout your  organization.  Some is found in your  enterprise data warehouse , some in spreadsheets, and some in ODSs.  This only accounts for structured data.  Semi-structured data will be...

Am I Losing Money by Discounting?

Varun Daga
Posted 8/20/18
As a consumer, who doesn't like a discount, right? Discounting is one of the most common and powerful techniques used in consumer-based businesses to lure back lost customers and to maximize revenues after a successful sales season. But with great power comes great responsibility.  How do you know what products to discount, when to discount, and by how much? Often (and it's scary to...

How Can I Use Machine Learning to Cross-Sell?

Brian Griffin
Posted 7/30/18
"Do you want fries with that?"  This is likely what you will be asked next after ordering a hamburger or sandwich.  If not fries, perhaps another side item may be offered that will appeal to your taste buds.  In its most basic form, this is an example of cross-selling.  To cross-sell means to sell additional goods and services to a customer who is already buying...