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Identify At-Risk Customers with Churn Modeling!

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 7/9/18
No catch-all methodology for Churn modeling     Marketing professionals constantly struggle to leverage advanced analytics to improve upon existing KPIs. One common business issue is reducing customer churn – that is, minimizing the number of customers who stop buying your products or using your services.  Predictive analytics for churn modeling is the...

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 Platform – Information Design Tool and more

Brandon Novy
Posted 8/22/16
Part 3 of 3 This third and final blog of my three part series discusses changes to SAP BusinessObjects 4.2.  Part one of the series discussed changes to the platform.  Part two discussed changes to the reporting tool, Web Intelligence.  This final entry discusses the semantic layer, Information Design Tool as well as a new feature in Crystal Reports. Information Design...

You can start your big data project tomorrow

Jose Hernandez
Posted 5/16/16
Deploying a data warehouse or big data solution requires having the infrastructure in place to support the implementation.  That’s easier said than done.  Recently I embarked on a data warehouse project with a local client.  The project was greenfield and required a series of servers.  We would spend the first few weeks working through requirements and design; giving their...

SAP BI Tomcat Best Practice Configuration

Ivan Martinez
Posted 2/25/16
Some of the key components of the BI platform are the front facing BI Web Applications. These are the applications that the front end users will interact with day to day. In order to make the day to day experience better for the end users there are best practice configurations that can be implemented on the web application server. Today I am going to talk about best practice configurations on...

ETL and Python Integration

Erik Chen
Posted 2/18/16
My background is in computer science and I started here at Dunn Solutions roughly back in September. This is my first contribution to the BI blog here and I was excited to pick a topic that relates back to my major. Since then, I’ve had a chance to work with a variety of things and have noticed that if you work in BI, then you’ve likely worked with SAP Data Services. It is a visually...