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Applying Predictive Analytics to Marketing Mix and ROI

Dongyang Li
Posted 4/21/15
Many organizations in various industries are turning to predictive analytics to gain an edge. Unlike traditional reporting solutions, which offer only a view of past activities, predictive analytics provides the ability to look ahead by discovering patterns and trends in historical sales and marketing data to determine how potential and existing customers are likely to behave in the future....

Make Predictive Analytics Part of Your BI Strategy

Dongyang Li
Posted 1/26/15
This blog answers your major questions about predictive analytics. Why predictive analytics should be a high priority for your company's strategy? Where could predictive analytics drive innovation in your business? How does predictive analytics help to thrive your business?

Using a Data Warehouse to Deliver ACO Metrics

Vinod Nair
Posted 12/19/14
This post shares some best practices we have utilized while implementing data warehouses for healthcare organizations participating in a new care model, called Accountable Care Organization (ACO). ACO requires changes in care management and related business processes, including IT enablement.  The post will focus on the technology side of the implementation. Current State of...

Dunn Solutions Data Experts Predict Royals Win World Series

Dongyang Li
Posted 10/21/14
How often do you get to mix work with fun?  Well, if you work at Dunn Solutions with SAP products, all the time.  But when we got the opportunity to enter the “Early Bird Baseball Challenge” we got a chance to take fun to the next level- predict who was going to win the 2014 World Series! Obviously, lots of people try to predict who is going to win and for many reasons (just go to...

SAP BI Configuration of SSO for Chrome And Firefox

Ivan Martinez
Posted 7/24/14
One of the main benefits of using the SAP BI Enterprise platform is its compatibility with Windows Active Directory authentication. This compatibility allows users to login to the SAP BI platform using the same credentials that they use to login to their work computer, email, intranet sites and any other platforms that their company might have set-up. Not only can the users access the platform...