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An Ode to the Date Dimension

Jose Hernandez
Posted 2/3/14
Ode to the Date Dimension, Metrics travel through time, Don’t need H.G. Wells or even a dime. Ode to the Date Dimension, A neat trick to have, It cuts down date processing way more than half. Ode to the Date Dimension So much under used, Don’t pay attention, and performance is bruised. Sorry, could not resist .  But kidding aside, I do want to expound on the benefits...

Reflecting on our Mobile 5.0 in SAP Business Objects 4.1 Webinar

Natasha Kishinevsky
Posted 12/30/13
While Jose is off for the holidays he asked if I would contribute to the BI Blog.  At first I panicked thinking about the responsibilities and commitment required to maintain a corporate blog.  That panic quickly subsided as I realized that I was a guest blogger.  That’s like being a guest host on a talk show!  Should be fun. First thing I had to do was come up with...

Column-Based or Row-Based: That is the Question, Scene 2

Jose Hernandez
Posted 11/3/13
In my previous post I introduced columnar databases.  I never did say why columnar databases were created.  Primarily, they were developed to deal with performance, or lack of performance, when trying to query aggregated values from large databases.  The culprit of performance issues has typically been disk I/O.  That’s right, the last mechanical part of our computers,...

Column-Based or Row-Based: That is the Question, Scene 1

Jose Hernandez
Posted 10/20/13
Unless you’re a technologist living under a rock… hold that thought, these days the internet is available even under a rock …  Unless you have purposely decided to avoid information about databases, you have come across the concept of columnar databases.  There are a variety of columnar databases: Sybase IQ, InfoBright, and Redshift, to name a few (there are many others).  If...

It's My Turn to Blog on BI

Jose Hernandez
Posted 10/14/13
Being in IT for the past 28 years I have seen software and hardware evolve from highly specialized technical tools to everyday common tools used by the masses.  These highly technical tools may be common place, but the advancements we see today are no less amazing.  I love technology, I love cool toys, I love living in the time that I live.  I also love doing what I...