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Today, many doctor-owned and optical franchise operations are seeing the benefits that come from automating their inventory, EHR and financial processes. 
And the best-managed ones now are using reporting solutions with dashboards to help them better leverage their source system data to make their businesses more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Optical Shop Analytics Solutions

Designed for retail eye care practices, Optical Shop Analytics are web-based reporting solutions that integrates and consolidates data from your enterprise Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Practice Management solution, and delivers your key performance indicators (KPIs) to your desktop using dynamic visualizations.

These dynamic visualizations – easy-to-understand speedometers, graphs, tables and alerts – highlight trends, expose problems and offer valuable insight into twenty eye care-specific metrics.

What's more, the visualizations offer the capability to change views, change parameters and drill down to a detailed report.

The result: smarter decisions, increased efficiency, lower costs and an improved ability to achieve your strategic goals.


Optical Shop Analytics Solutions utilize sophisticated business intelligence tools and your existing software. And it comes with all the technology necessary to implement and deliver its powerful dashboard and reporting tools across your departments and locations.

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