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We don't have to tell you that the emergence of the always on consumer has radically changed the way B2B and B2C retailers alike have to approach their business.  According to a report from Forrester Research Inc., by this time next year, at least 60% of retail sales in the U.S. will involve a digital interaction. 

That's a consumer touchpoint in the form of a direct e-commerce transaction or as pre-purchase research conducted on either a laptop or mobile device. To compete in that environment, merchant's need e-Commerce platforms that have been optimized for both search engines and user experience, that're easy for online shoppers to find, easy for them to browse and easy for retailers to cross or upsell from.

That's why the web developers and marketing consultants at Dunn are ready to deliver e-Commerce Solutions designed to meet the needs of B2C, Business to Business and B2B2C concerns. The team here specializes in building e-commerce portals that offer consumers secure, seamless and personalized online shopping experiences, platforms that give retailers the tools they need to target, and cross-sell and upsell effectively.  Our mobile-friendly e-commerce solutions are usability optimized storefronts with easily managed product listings, offers, discounts and promotions. 

e-Commerce Website Design and Development

Viewing: The End-to-End e-Commerce Solutions That You Need

The End-to-End e-Commerce Solutions That You Need

Here at Dunn Solutions Group, we develop e-Commerce platforms designed to meet the increasingly complex demands of online shops at all stages—from affordable and scalable applications for the growing needs of a startup--to full-featured systems for more established retailers--to building omni-channel e-commerce portals, for Fortune 500 Retailers with integrated physical to digital customer experience management tools.

Every e-Commerce portal we develop at Dunn Solutions is customized to ensure the system's technology has been tailored to match your specific requirements.  Our team of expert web designers and JAVA developers specialize in building mobile-friendly, well architected enterprise-class commerce systems for companies of various sizes, across all verticals. Our capabilities include site design, custom application development, e-commerce hosting solutions, UI, UX, QA, load speed testing and customer analytics. Then once we've designed and developed your storefront's platform, our SEO specialists can work with you to ensure that your website's optimized, positioned in search engines and easy customers to find. 

e-Commerce Platforms Have Never Offered Better ROI

The Internet's always on consumer culture has changed the tools organizations like yours need to reach and reach out to customers, but that's good news, because they're better tools. Custom e-commerce portals have never been better investments. Having the right software at your fingertips can give you complete control of your online store's orders, inventory, sales, shipping, e-commerce market strategy and so much more.

Drop us a Line. Speak to one of our e-Commerce Consultants. Let us build you the solution you need. We're looking forward to working with you.

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