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Front End Developer

Code: Front End Developer DXP 7.1
Tuition (USD): $1595
Length: 2Days

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Skills Gained:
1) For front-end developers serious about the integration of company branding with modern technologies, the Front-End Developer course teaches you how to realize your brand using Liferay. 2) You’ll begin this course by using Liferay’s Theme Generator to generate and deploy Themes quickly with Yeoman and Gulp. 3) Next, Front-End Developer covers Liferay’s latest UI frameworks, exploring the rich component library of Clay, the implementation of Liferay’s experience language. 4) Continuing to work with the Liferay Theme Generator, you’ll learn how to customize themes, create reusable code fragments, and embed your themes with resources and apps. 5) Make sure you’re giving your users consistent content experiences with templates and find out how to control the presentation of content and applications so that marketers can edit content quickly while maintaining design integrity. 6) The course wraps up with an overview of Single Page Applications, how to build React and Angular applications, and a discussion of front-end development best practices.
Who Should Attend?
Technical Leads, Front-End Developers, UI/UX Developers
  • We recommend you take Liferay Fundamentals before taking this course. You also need front-end development experience with HTML/CSS.
What You Will Learn:
  • 1) Rapid Front-End Development in Liferay
  • a) ? Apply Global Branding
  • b) ? Control the Presentation of Specific Content
  • c) ? Develop Sections of a Page Fast Using Fragments (New!)
  • d) ? Generate Your Theme Quickly with Yeoman
  • e) ? Quick Deployment with Gulp
  • 2) Developing Themes to Realize Your Brand
  • a) ? Leverage Liferay’s Theme Generator
  • b) ? Customize the HTML
  • c) ? Add Custom Styling with CSS
  • d) ? Add Custom JavaScript
  • e) ? Override Liferay’s Component Library
  • f) ? Add Configurable Options for Administrators
  • g) ? Create Code Fragments that Can Be Reused Across Your Themes
  • h) ? Embed Resources and Apps into Your Theme
  • 3) Getting Up to Speed on the Latest Liferay UI Frameworks
  • a) ? Liferay’s Experience Language
  • b) ? Use Liferay’s Rich Component Library to Implement Your User Experience
  • c) ? Adding JavaScript to the Platform
  • d) ? Add Dynamic Markup for Your Content and Applications
  • 4) Controlling the Page Layout
  • a) ? Customize the Page Layout with Layout Templates
  • 5) Understanding How to Build JavaScript Applications
  • a) ? Cutting Down Load Times with Single Page Applications
  • b) ? Building React and Angular Applications
  • c) ? Front-End Development Best Practices
  • 6) Delivering Consistent Content Experiences
  • a) ? Easily Customize the Presentation of Liferay Applications
  • b) ? Help Your Users Get Content Out the Door Quickly with Consistent, Reusable Templates
  • c) ? Empower Your Marketing Team with Inline Editing and Pre-Built Page Fragments
Course Info:
Course based on Version: LIFERAY VERSIONS 7.1

Course notes and announcements:

1) Control Company Branding
Reflect your brand identity with a tailored UI, using Liferay's Theme Generator for fast and easy development.

2) Craft Your User Experience
Learn how Liferay’s new design language helps you develop for today, with speed, scalability and responsive design.

3) Empower Your Marketers
Create reusable templates that deliver consistent, awesome design experiences marketers can use to reach your customers.

Laptop Requirements
5 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Windows x64, Mac OSX*, or Linux*
*Participants that use Mac OSX or Linux must be prepared to troubleshoot any operating system related issues as the trainer may not be familiar with these operating systems.

All In Person and Live Virtual classrooms are taught by a Liferay Certified Instructor.

Note: Each registration permits one student to take part in the sessions. Those wishing to audit or observe the course in a non-participatory manner must register separately.

Early Bird Discounts (EBD) are available for Public class registrations made before EBD expiration. EBD Applied upon time of registration.
Course based on Version: DXP