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(C4H630) SAP Customer Data Platform Implementation Training

Code: C4H630 v21
Tuition (USD): $2601
Length: 3Days

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Location: Date Guaranteed to Run:
Live Virtual, US 03/27/2023
Live Virtual, US 07/24/2023
Live Virtual, US 11/12/2023

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Skills Gained:
This course will prepare you to: Discuss the product capabilities and features of the Customer Data Navigate the console and describe its functionalities Navigate the Admin console and describe its functionalities Identify the structure of a Customer Schema concept to create a new schema and interpret merging rules Structure data and define how to link groups Identify and outline privacy and trust mechanisms to ingest and downstream data Explain the two views offered by SAP Customer Data Platform based on the confidence in the accuracy of the data Explain the many ways to setup applications to ingest customer data Classify your customer data by applying different criteria based on attributes, behaviors or activities Connect SAP Customer Data Platform into destination systems to downstream customer data Explain how SAP Customer Data Platform uses Audiences, CX Flows, and Journ
Who Should Attend?
Business End Users Functional Consultants Solution Architects Technical Consultants
  • Essential
  • Watch: Expert Customer Data Platform - openSAP Microlearning
What You Will Learn:
  • Introduction
  • Define customer data
  • Explain Customer Data Platform
  • CDP Console Overview
  • Console functionalities
  • CDP Admin Console
  • Admin console functionalities
  • Customer Schema
  • Define customer schema
  • Processing Purpose
  • How processing purposes are used to handle customer data Core API flows
  • Identity Resolution
  • Customer Profiles: Unified and Contextual Customer Profile
  • Data Ingestion
  • How SAP Customer Data Platform ingests Customer Data
  • Activity Indicators and Segments
  • How Activity Indicators can be used to measure the performance of various business areas based on customer behaviors
  • Outbound Application Downstream
  • How SAP Customer Data Platform downstreams Customer Platform
  • Personalize
  • How to export individual or group customer data from SAP Customer Data Platform
  • How Audiences are used to group customers
  • How Journeys are used to personalize experiences
  • Data Insights
  • Analyze individual performance
  • Monitor data and metrics of the Journeys
  • Hands-on Exercises
Course Info:
Course based on software release:
SAP Customer Data Platform

Course notes and announcements:

This course illustrates the main functionalities and concepts of SAP Customer Data Platform. It is designed to provide an in-depth understanding about the implementation of the key business scenarios of the SAP Customer Data Platform solution. Multiple hands-on exercises are used to facilitate the configuration options in SAP Customer Data Platform. Hands-on activity includes customizing Profile and Activity Schema, ingesting data using build-in source applications, creating Indicators and Segments, downstreaming data to outbound applications and personalization marketing campaigns using audiences. We recommend that you use your own machine for the best training experience.

This is a SAP CERTIFIED Course. Your course will include Full Class Delivery of the comprehensive standard SAP curriculum agendas, SAP Certified Instructor, Demonstration and Presentation, Student Hands on exercises, Access to SAP Hosted servers/training environment, and SAP Certified participant guides.

With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP's traditional "brick and mortar" classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries. As in SAP's traditional classrooms, SAP virtual live classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live SAP systems throughout each course. Each Virtual Live class is taught by a SAP Certified Instructor and will include an e-book student guide for you to download and keep. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations. CPE Credits are not available for virtual live classroom sessions.

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