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Open Innovation Portal and Development of a Compound Toolbox for the Pharma Research Community

Open Innovation Portal

Solution: Portals, Client Portals, Digital Customer Platforms

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Project: Open Innovation Portal
Client: Pharmaceutical Research Organization

A Pharmaceutical Research Organization has a commitment to working together with academic and industrial partners, government, and non-profit organizations to improve the health of patients everywhere.

Challenge: Portal to Facilitate Innovative Research

To better enable collaboration with these contributors, the pharmaceutical research organization approved the creation of an open innovation portal, where it would be easy to provide their potent, selective, well characterized tool compounds or probes for the public to conduct preclinical research.  

Dunn Solutions Selected to Develop Portal on Liferay Platform

The pharmaceutical research organization looked to Dunn Solutions, a trusted Platinum Liferay Service Partner, to help design and develop their portal on Liferay's enterprise open source platform. Requirements included having the user interface reflect the organization's distinct branding; the user experience to be easy and efficient; a self-service admin capability to add new compound inventory; and account management capabilities for the users.

Solution: Users Easily Search, Review and Order Compounds

Most of the requirements were able to be fulfilled using Liferay's out-of-the-box capabilities. Users search for compounds of interest and review their attributes. A molfile of the compound containing chemical structures and associated data is available for download. If a user is interested in ordering a compound, they add it to their shopping cart, and continue browsing, or checkout. Compound orders require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) that is programmed to be pre-populated with compound order information, and the user can print, sign, scan and upload the agreement to their account. Once the MTA is approved by the company administrator, the compound is assigned for fulfillment and shipped. The status of approval and shipping is shared via email and can be tracked in the user's portal account.

Result: Open Innovation Portal Enables Research Collaboration

The Open Innovation Portal provides an easy-to-use compound search and order system for its research community. The inventory can be easily managed by the company admins and orders can be easily tracked and managed by users. This organization will continue to develop the Open Innovation Portal to incorporate new concepts that will enable mutually beneficial collaborations.