Machine Learning Consulting

Dunn Solutions helps organizations increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, acquire new customers, and retain existing customers through data science and machine learning.  

Machine Learning Consulting Services

Machine Learning empowers organizations to improve marketing ROI, production, sales, and operational effectiveness through modeling, eliminating manual resources and time. Dunn Solutions will help your organization increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, acquire new customers, and retain existing customers through data science and machine learning. 

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Machine Learning for E-Commerce 

Market Basket Analysis 

Our algorithm analyzes historical buying patterns and preferences and predicts what customers will likely purchase together. 

Cart Abandonment Consulting 

Turn lost opportunities into sales. Our e-commerce predictive analytics will pinpoint abandon cart causes and solutions.  

Price Optimization Consulting 

Maximize gross sales and profit with our predictive model to determine the optimal price for each item in your data set.  

Promotional Pricing Consulting 

Dunn Solutions’ promotional pricing model will predict he expected increase in volume for every 1% in discount and suggest the price point that will maximize profits and move inventory.  

Machine Learning for Marketing

Marketing Mix Analytics 

Our marketing mix consulting experts will show you how to allocate your marketing spend across channels to optimize your marketing ROI. 

Customer Segmentation 

Dunn Solutions’ customer segmentation and audience targeting solutions enable companies to create a 360 degree personalized experience. 

Brand Positioning and Messaging 

Create and measure personalized content with Dunn Solutions’ providing insights to optimize your organization’s channel, vertical and persona strategies and goals.  

Customer Acquisition 

Increase acquisitions, sales, and revenue. Our modeling identifies potential customers with the highest probability of making a purchase. 

Machine Learning for Sales

Customer Churn 

Our data experts provide proactive customer retention strategies using the power of machine learning to create a custom churn propensity model that woks specifically with your data.  

Customer Lifetime Value 

Dunn Solutions’ leverages your data with predictive analytics to determine member lifetime value and maximize ROI.  

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