Customer Acquisition

There are only so many buying opportunities and marketing dollars available. Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling maximizes your ability to identify which customers have a high propensity to buy.

Customer Acquisition Services

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling will allow you to maximize your marketing and sales ROI by focusing resources on the right customers, with the right offer at the right time.

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling provides critical information to support cross-selling, up-selling and new customer acquisition. Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling can also be used to retain customers.  Use the Dunn Solutions' Customer Churn Reduction Consulting to identify churners then cross reference this list with the output of Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling to present offers that will convert to a sale; thus retaining the customer.

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling identifies who has the highest probability of making a purchase, dramatically increasing response rates from marketing campaigns as well as conversions from sales promotions and offers.

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Increase Sales, Acquisitions, Revenue and MROI Using Customer Acquisition Modeling

  • Increase conversions by targeting customers with highest propensity to buy
  • Increase new customer acquisition by targeting prospects with the right product offer
  • Increase response rates for your new customer acquisition campaigns

What Questions Does Customer Acquisition Modeling Answer?

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling answers:

  • Who are the new prospects most likely to become new customers?
  • Which customers are most likely to buy which products?
  • Who are the existing customers most likely to buy additional products?

Combine Customer Acquisition Modeling with other Dunn Solutions Predictive Services for More Power!

The output of Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling can be combined with other predictive models to handle cross-selling, up-selling, and new customer acquisition.  Combining these predictive models further refines the target audience for specific offers. 

For example, combine Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling with Customer Segmentation Consulting and Promotional Pricing Model Consulting and you will be able to target the right product to the right customer at the right price.  The result is more sales, satisfied customers, more revenue and more profit.

Sample Reports

The output from Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling includes a list of customers and a propensity to buy score.  Optionally, product propensity to buy is also available.

How Many Times Should Customer Acquisition Modeling be Run?

The service subscription is annual and includes one score run per month (12 runs, 1 per month). The subscription includes up to 50,000 customer scores.

More frequent runs and larger customer set can be requested for additional fees.

Customer Acquisition Modeling, How Does It Work?

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Modeling is a subscription service that uses a web-based interface to get your data, mine your data, create a buy propensity model and score your data.

You provide sales, product, customer and web traffic data in a text file (we provide the format structure for you) and the service does the rest.  If there are issues with your data, you will be notified and given instructions on what to do to resolve the issues. 

Once your data is scored, a list of customers with their customer acquisition values is provided for download. 

We also provide a list of customer and product propensity to buy as an option.  This combines information from your products and your customers for a more refined result.

Do your Customer Acquisition Models Require More Refinement?

Do your customer acquisition models require a more custom approach?  Dunn Solutions' advanced analytics experts can create more advance and sophisticated customer acquisition models to meet those needs.  Simply contact us and we can discuss your special customer acuqisition models.