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Snowflake and Data Lake Consulting


Snowflake Consulting

Elastic Cloud Data Warehousing and Big Data Solutions

Snowflake is the only high-performance data warehouse built for the cloud. Snowflake's unique features make it the perfect solution for your enterprise data warehouse and data lakes. Dunn Solutions Group is a Snowflake partner. Dunn Solutions' certified Snowflake consultants will put your data warehouse and data lake where they belong, in the cloud on Snowflake. Moving your data warehouse, data lake or both to Snowflake will let you focus on delivering actionable insight without worrying about infrastructure, server management, or tuning. Your organization will be able to get the right information, to the right audience, fast.

The Snowflake data warehouse is a columnar database designed with separate compute and storage. This revolutionary design makes it possible to instantly scale up or down when you need it. Data is stored in place with multiple compute power for different audiences. This is all simply controlled from a browser-based interface. This allows you to focus on your data and analytics and not worry about management, tuning and provisioning.

Do you have an existing data warehouse? Dunn Solutions data warehouse Snowflake experts will migrate your data warehouse to Snowflake. Your business intelligence applications can then be pointed to your cloud-based data warehouse in Snowflake and you will see performance improvements immediately. If you are considering building your first data warehouse, our Dunn Solutions Snowflake experts will build your data warehouse in the cloud with Snowflake.

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Why Choose Dunn Solutions Group for Your Snowflake Implementation?

Dunn Solutions' Snowflake Pilot Kick-Start

Experiencing is believing.  To get a handle on the performance of Snowflake, we will copy your data warehouse and data* to Snowflake so you can see it for yourself.

Our Snowflake Pilot kick-starter will ensure that you get off on the right foot and start taking advantage of Snowflake right away.  Dunn Solutions Snowflake experts will provision your Snowflake environment, replicate your data warehouse structure and data to Snowflake.  With the structure and data in place, we will then help you point your existing business intelligence application(s) to the Snowflake data warehouse.

Beyond the Pilot

Once you have experienced the power of Snowflake, Dunn Solutions Snowflake Consultants will help you transform your pilot environment into a full-fledge production data warehouse.  Including pointing your ETL application to Snowflake and optimizing the ETL workflows to take advantage of Snowflakes fast loading capability.

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*We will copy two fact tables with up to ten dimension tables.

Snowflake Data Migration Consulting

Snowflake Data Migration Consulting

If you have an existing data warehouse, Dunn Solutions' data migration experts will take your on-premise data warehouse and migrate it to Snowflake.  Once in Snowflake, your existing data movement programs can be pointed to Snowflake for continuous data updates.

We can also transfer data from other cloud providers and migrate it to Snowflake. This will put all your data in a scalable, powerful and cost effective environment with access via SQL queries.

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Snowflake Data Integration Consulting

Snowflake Data Integration Consulting

Dunn Solutions' Snowflake consultants can modify your existing ETL workflows and optimize them to write to Snowflake!

Snowflake is a powerful data warehouse that is built for the cloud.  This power includes the ability to load millions of rows of data in minutes.  Once your data warehouse is moved to Snowflake, you could simply point your existing ETL program to Snowflake.  This will work, but it does not take advantage of Snowflakes bulk loading capability. Dunn Solutions Snowflake experts will configure your ETL loading process to take advantage of this feature.  Snowflake's bulk loading capability allows you to greatly reduce the time for your ETL load window.

We support many ETL tools including: Informatica Power Center, Informatica iPaaS, SAP's Data Integrator, Microsoft SSIS, Talend, and Hitachi Vantara (Pentaho).

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Snowflake Data Lake Consulting

Snowflake Data Lake Consulting

The majority of your data is structured or semi-structured.  Snowflake supports both structured and semi-structured data, this makes Snowflake a great platform for your data lake.  Dunn Solutions Snowflake data lake consultants will create a Snowflake data lake to store your structured data (data found in a data warehouse), as well as your semi-structured data (JSON, XML, Avro and CSV).  You can then query across these data sets with ANSI SQL.

Dunn Solutions Snowflake data lake experts will not only setup your data lake in the cloud, but also make the data available for reporting, discovery and advanced analytics / machine learning. Dunn Solutions Snowflake experts have extensive experience leveraging this columnar built-for-the-cloud database. Dunn Solutions consultants will architect and deploy diverse solutions that will give your organization actionable insight across structured and semi-structured data.

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Snowflake Data Warehouse Consulting

Snowflake Data Warehouse Consulting

Snowflake is the best data warehouse platform for your enterprise data warehouse.  Putting your existing data warehouse into Snowflake will provide great performance and simple administration. 

Designing a proper data warehouse is still a requirement!  Dunn Solutions is a certified Snowflake Partner and an expert at implementing Snowflake cloud data warehouses.  Dunn Solutions Data Warehouse experts will design and build your data warehouse in Snowflake.  As Snowflake experts, we know how to optimize the ETL process so that it takes advantage of Snowflake's very fast data load capabilities.

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Snowflake Benefits

Zero Management - No infrastructure to manage, no indexes to tune, no knobs to turn.  Snowflake has an easy to use browser based interface that allows creation of data stores and data warehouses (compute) as well as administration of roles and rights.

Diverse Data - Snowflake natively loads and optimizes both structured and semi-structured data like JSON, Avro, XML and CSV which is queried via SQL without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Unlimited Scaling - Snowflake's multi-cluster, shared data architecture separates storage and compute, making it possible to scale up and down on-the-fly, without downtime or disruption.

Seamlessly share your data - Snowflake allows you to share access to a specified set of data via SQL without replicating or deconstructing the data set.

Security by Design - Snowflake follows best-in-class, standards-based practices to ensure data security. Features like always-on encryption, and certifications like PCI DSS and HIPAA, make your data secure in the cloud.

Pay only for what you use - Usage-based pricing for compute and storage means that you only pay for the amount of data you store and the amount of processing performed. No more big upfront costs, overprovisioned systems or idle clusters consuming money.

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