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Visualizing and gaining insight from your data is Power BI's primary purpose. Dunn Solutions consultants believe your organizations data is your best resource for making informed decisions. Power BI provides a looking glass, for all your workers, which will reveal what they need to know to make the best possible choices. Dunn Solutions' Power BI consultants will provide the velocity needed to put Power BI to work for you.

Dunn Solutions believes your organization should be looking for the holistic, or 360 view, needed for you to flourish and stay ahead of the competition. The data you have in your ERP, your data lake or your data warehouse can be used to drive intelligent decisions.

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Custom Microsoft PowerBI Development Services

Power BI Bridges the Gap Between Data and Informed Decision Making

Power BI Bridges the Gap Between Data and Informed Decision Making

• Amazing data experiences – Easily connect to, model and visualize your data, delivering valuable dashboards and reports personalized for your KPIs and brand

• Get fast, AI powered answers to business questions

• Over 120 free connectors – connect directly to hundreds of on-premise or cloud data sources

• Hundreds of visualization techniques

Gain Insight From Your Data Lake and Enterprise Data Warehouse

• Connect to all your data sources with the ability to scale

• Analyze, share, and promote insights across the organization

Make Informed Decisions With Confidence

• Work together on the same data

• Collaborate on dashboards and reports

• Share insights with Office applications and Teams

• Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions

• End to end data protection – even when shared outside your organization

• Sensitivity labeling, end to end encryption and real-time access monitoring

• Export data to other formats such as Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

Get True Scalable Analytics

• Reduce the added cost, complexity and security risk of multiple solutions

• Scales for the enterprise or individual