Dashboards & Reports

Provide insights with reports & dashboards throughout your entire organization.

Our experts will enable your organization to consume, explore, and create vibrant visualizations from your data for visibility into and across the business to find the answers you need.

Dashboards & Reports Services

Dashboards and reports are a lifeline to an organization when it comes to communicating critical data. Having the ability to easily produce report templates and dashboards doesn't necessarily need to be a function of the IT team. With the right machine learning execution, your team has the ability to create reports without IT assistance. 

To accurately set up the data to the reports, Dunn Solutions can assist in mapping and executing a BI platform for your business. We design and implement complete, end-to-end BI solutions using all the top tools.

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Dashboards & Performance Management

Dunn Solutions will deploy, configure, and develop on-premise reporting giving your organization the ability to:

  • Create and deliver enterprise transactional report
  • Allow business users to create their own ad-hoc reports
  • Abstract the complexities of underlying data and expose in business terms
  • Drag and drop web-based interface
  • Centralize and administer IT created and user created reports
  • Create and maintain enterprise data warehouse and ETL with Data Services
The corporation create uniformity of process
Have a single version of the truth from all data
Supports faster and intuitve, detailed analysis be department
Create and standardize reporting across departments
Built-in functions allow for high volume and variety of data
Drive more value with on-demand, user-friendly, sophisticated reporting
Create access levels to information by department/job function/project need


Benefits of Dashboards & Reports

With a cohesive and scalable data environment your team will be able to:

  • Track, measure, and adjust all marketing efforts to create the most profitable campaign
  • Combine customer information, target campaigns towards its consumers, create an intelligent marketing mix based on real-time data, and better allocate their marketing expenditures and focuses
  • Create benchmarks based on past performance for goal-setting and KPI measurement and reporting
  • Highlight trends and expose problems

Dashboard & Report Examples

  • Dynamic Visualizations
  • Easy-to-understand speedometers, graphs, tables and alerts
  • Highlight trends, expose problems