Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics Consultants design, develop and deliver advanced analytics solutions for companies operating across a range of market sectors – from initial BI software deployments, to machine learning initiatives, to data warehouse storage and business intelligence architecture.

Business Analytics Consulting Services

Customers are expecting a personalized experience in real-time. Our business analytics capabilities will enable your organization to gather, process and act on your customer data. Marketing, Sales, Operations, IT, Customer Service- every department can benefit from the solutions that business analytics has to offer. 

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Customer Data Platforms

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to hyper-personalize experiences through every touchpoint of the customer journey. Dunn Solutions provides CDP project implementation services that drive customer engagement. 

Machine Learning

Dunn Solutions helps organizations increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, acquire new customers, and retain existing customers through data science and machine learning.

Business Intelligence

Our analytics experts deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions that get the right information to the right people, at the right time. 

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