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Our Business Analytics Consultants design, develop and deliver advanced analytics solutions for companies operating across a range of market sectors – from initial BI software deployments, to machine learning initiatives, to data warehouse storage and business intelligence architecture. Contact us today!

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Marketing Mix Modeling

Dunn Solutions' Marketing Mix Consulting experts will show you how to allocate your marketing spend across channels effectively…

Sales Forecasting

Dunn Solutions' Sales Forecasting leverages the power of machine learning to incorporate the effects of seasonality, industry trends, pricing, and promotional efforts to predict future sales with unparalleled accuracy...

Market Basket Analysis

Dunn Solutions' machine learning product recommendation algorithm analyzes historical buying patterns and preferences and predicts what customers will likely purchase together.

Customer Acquisition

Dunn Solutions' Customer Acquisition Model provides a way to determine who has the highest probability of making a purchase, dramatically increasing response rates from marketing campaigns…

Promotional Pricing

Dunn Solutions' Promotional Pricing Model will predict the expected increase in volume for every 1% in discount and suggest the price point that will maximize short term profitability…

Customer Segmentation

Dunn Solutions' Customer Segmentation and Audience Targeting solutions enable companies to display the right content at the right time to their visitors to create the most relevant, engaging web experience for the people they wish to reach...

Churn Reduction

Our data experts at Dunn Solutions provide a proactive retention approach based on combining customer churn prediction and marketing action optimization, using predictive modeling...

Data Lake Consulting

Dunn Solutions Data Lake consultants will give your data starved consumers access to all the raw data they could want. Allow your data scientists, analysts and research teams quick (often within weeks) and easy access to the information they need to explore, analyze and discover the next big thing.

Data Warehousing & Analytics

The primary objective of our Business Intelligence Services is to help you get the right information, to the right stake holders, at the right time so they're empowered to make fully informed decisions. To achieve this, our developers work to integrate your front office and back office BI technologies.