Marketing Mix Modeling

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting experts will use machine learning to determine how to allocate your marketing spend across channels to optimize your marketing ROI.

Marketing Mix Modeling Services

John Wanamaker summarized how difficult it was to quantify the response to advertising in his most notable quote "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."  Truer words have never been spoken and businesses still struggle with how to optimize marketing spend.

For each marketing channel Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting experts determine how much of existing sales are a direct result of marketing spend (attribution) to determine if the right amount, or too many, marketing dollars are being used.   

Determine return on marketing investment (MROI, ROMI or ROI) by creating a marketing mix model based on actual digital and non-digital channel data:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Billboard
  • Paper mail / Catalog
  • In-Store

Dunn Solutions machine learning models are more accurate because they are based on math and statistics, not gut feel.

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Measuring Marketing ROI (ROMI, MROI) with Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting

Measuring marketing ROI (ROMI) is critical to understanding if your marketing is working.  Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling experts create marketing mix models that measure incremental sales per marketing dollar spent by channel.

Measuring Media and Marketing Campaign Contribution

Typically, within a marketing channel, there are several marketing campaigns. Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting includes measurement of those marketing campaigns contribution to the overall channel.  This provides your organization with more granular insight to more effectively use your marketing budget.

What is Multi-touch Attribution?

Multi-touch attribution (market channel attribution) refers to attributing credit to the appropriate marketing channel for a conversion.  Dunn Solutions attribution models can help your organization attribute the appropriate level of credit to a specific marketing channel.  This is a critical part of Marketing Mix Modeling and marketing spend optimization.

What is Last Touch and First Touch?

Two attribution models, Last Touch and First Touch give all the credit to either the last or first impression.  These models don't provide enough insight to optimize marketing mix. 

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling consultants use a Multi-touch attribution model (using Monte Carlo simulations) which does a much better job and supports the various phases of the customer journey.

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Consulting's multi-touch attribution model assigns weights to the various marketing channels to give credit (attribution) for each marketing channel's participation in the conversion.

How Do I Allocate Marketing Spend by Channel?

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting experts build predictive models to identify the marketing channel saturation curve and optimal marketing spend point. 

Using machine learning our experts run simulations which re-allocate budget from channel to channel until the optimal mix is identified. 

Key takeaway: you don't always need to increase your budget to get better results, just re-allocate it to the correct channels!

Marketing Budget Optimization with Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Modeling Consulting experts understand that you work within budget and contract constraints with your marketing vendors. 

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Consulting experts use these constraints as inputs into our marketing mix optimizer to generate the best possible return on investment given those constraints. 

Marketing Mix Consulting Recommendations and Metrics

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix Consulting experts provide you with marketing spend recommendations as well as the following marketing mix metrics:

  • Current Marketing Mix Return on Investment (ROI, MROI, ROMI)
  • Simulated unconstrained ROI
  • Simulated constrained ROI
  • Contribution per GRP/Impression
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Impact of Seasonality, external factors, internal factors