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Add True Content Management to BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the market leading B2B and B2C commerce platform available today – but the complete solution is a combination of both content and commerce! Typically, BigCommerce customers need to edit content quickly and easily, manage workflows and permissions, support multi-language translations and personalize content to different audiences.

Dunn Solutions and e-Spirit deliver an integrated Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which creates a powerful and seamless journey from content to commerce for your customers. In our webinar, we will demonstrate how the FirstSpirit DXP platform offers you intuitive, easy to use editing tools for all desired touchpoints and enterprise CMS capabilities that include:

• Workflow, rights and roles management

• Multi-site and multi-language translations

• Content Localization and personalization

• Publication into multiple target systems

Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions and Michael Gerard, CMO of e-Spirit will discuss the content management features and benefits that the FirstSpirit DXP platform can bring to BigCommerce customers.