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Are you achieving an optimal Liferay digital experience?

To survive in the digital eco-system with competitors today it is crucial to have a great digital experience on your Liferay portal. After all of the time and energy of creating a beautiful and streamlined portal – how do KNOW that your consumers are actually having the experience you tried to create? Are page load speeds satisfactory? Are there page errors? Having trouble in mobile view? In most cases, if your consumers aren't able to have a successful experience on your site they will leave in silence and not come back…but even worse, they can leave poor reviews and feedback that certainly travels.

The new Liferay digital experience isn't all about the pages created and the content delivered – it's about the entire journey through the site from start to finish. With Dynatrace's Application Performance Monitoring capability, you are now able to have a singular view of all portal activity including that of third party vendors - to make sure you are delivering the optimal digital experience.

In this webinar we will discuss:

- How to monitor and track your customer journey and to provide insights in real time

- Understand customer experiences, conversion rates and problems that affect brand value across digital channels

- How immediately isolating performance problems to the correct layer by tracking user visits across back-end tiers


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