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Automated Non regression Testing Solution for SAP BusinessObjects

You've developed and come to rely on SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports. Some are simply to manage your business processes, some are ad-hoc in nature, and some are federally regulated reports. When changes are made to a production environment (i.e. Universes are modified or you've migrated from one version to another) how do you ensure that all your reports still "run as expected" and provide the same results? Often times this is done manually by having testers open up reports side by side from both systems and comparing them. Back in the day I used to hold up copies of the report (on top of one another) against a window to spot the differences. We didn't have much choice and these techniques are prone to error (and take a huge amount of time).

In this webinar we are going to show you how to take the "manual" out of regression testing your Web Intelligence reports with GB&Smith's 360Bind. 360Bind lets the computer do the work; perfect comparisons and highly effective (imagine, verify all your reports, not just some)!

We will also discuss:

  • The challenge of manual regression testing
  • The benefits of using 360Bind
  • Review 360Bind use cases
  • And demonstrate key features