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Azure Data Platform Series 2: A Data Lake is not just another Data Warehouse

Lately you have been hearing about Data Lakes.  Some say the Data Lake is the reincarnation of the data warehouse. Others say the Data Lake is an improvement on the Data Warehouse. Others say it is not a Data Lake at all, it's a Data Swamp! 
This webinar, part of our Azure Data Platform series, will demystify the Data Lake.  We will explain what the differences between Data Warehouses and Data Lakes. We will investigate how each is designed for a different purpose and how we can/should use each for what it is designed for.
In addition to demystifying the Data Lake, we will also:
•    Explain the core benefits of the Data Lake
•    How the Data Lake participates in the Enterprise Data Warehouse
•    Identify the business value a Data Lake brings to the enterprise.
In our webinar we will also demonstrate how to fill the Data Lake with data from various sources including; relational databases, data streams, and unstructured files using the Microsoft Azure Data Lake. With the Data Lake filled, we will demonstrate how it can source your existing Data Warehouse and be used by data scientist or your data discovery team for research and analytics.


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