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Big Data in Real Time Part 2

This webinar is part 2 of our previous webinar Big Data in Real time. It is no longer an option, organizations must process Big Data in real time to gain fast, up-to-date insights in order to make timely decision. Join us for this webinar and see how you can use MS Azure Big Data technologies to capture and process real time Big Data in motion. 

We will cover: 
• Why organizations need to have a data in motion strategy 
• Trends in big data and fast data 
• How to achieve high throughput, low-latency, and fault-tolerant streaming analytics 
• How business value is preserved and enhanced using Real-time streaming analytics 

Using MS Azure big data tools, we will demonstrate how to detect and report mobile SIM card fraudulence in real time. Join us and learn how Dunn Solution Group Consultants can help you to take actions on your real time Big Data.


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