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Budgeting & Planning: Gain Efficiency & Control over Human Capital Management

The staffing line item on the P&L is one of the largest line items yet managers often have very little access to that data. HR usually supplies a number and any changes are vetted through a lengthy back and forth process, giving managers little ability to understand the overall impact Human Capital changes have on the bottom line.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) gives companies the ability to fully automate, and retain control, of the budgeting process including the Human Capital area of the P&L. HR determines and controls the benefits and fringe calculations while managers are granted continued access to complete and detailed total cost information at the individual employee level, allowing for strategic and accurate budgeting.

Download this webinar to learn how to improve the speed and efficiency of your budgeting process, while delivering the information P&L managers need to make informed Human Capital decisions.