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Custom Marketing and Measurement Integration Solution with Emarsys

Custom Marketing and Measurement Integration Solution with Emarsys

Project: Custom Marketing and Measurement Integration Solution with Emarsys
Client: Wurth Wood

Wurth Wood Group is a retail supplier of high-quality woodworking products and services, with twenty retail locations across the southeast. The Wurth Wood website provides an on-line shopping experience for individuals and trade customers looking to purchase and have delivered various wood, cabinet, abrasive, hardware, fasteners, and lighting products.

Challenge: No Unified Digital Engagement Strategy

Wurth Wood, a BigCommerce customer, did not have a digital engagement marketing platform in place, although they had an SMS messaging platform. However, it was not integrated into any unified digital engagement strategy. Additionally, they did not have a unified way of measuring the results of their marketing campaigns and tying them to order volume or success.

Dunn Solutions Group has been supporting them for many years and discussed marketing automation with Wurth. The Dunn team evaluated the needs of their business and provided a recommendation of Emarsys as the solution to track all the orders coming from the ecommerce site and stores into a unified digital engagement platform that could market to customers and measure the results.

Solution: Dunn Solutions Implements Emarsys to Integrate Marketing and Measurement

Wurth Wood made the decision to move forward with the recommendation to integrate Emarsys into their tech stack. This solution would help them on various digital engagement fronts.

To achieve this, Dunn Solutions created a custom integration between Wurth's proprietary back-end enterprise resource planning system, their Wurth Wood website powered by BigCommerce, and their brick-and-mortar retail stores. This solution created a unified method of tracking and attributing customer purchases via retail, web, email, and SMS activity.

Result: Increased Engagement with Customers and Omni-Channel Campaign Measurement

Today, Wurth Wood has Emarsys, a unified digital marketing automation platform that allows them to measure the results of every customer touchpoint through marketing campaigns. This includes campaigns for both ecommerce customers and retail customers. Additionally, they have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell products to existing customers through transactional emails like receipts and ship notifications.


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