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Streamlined Patient Portal Solution Simplifies Process and Creates Value

Diagnostic Lab Patient Portal

Project: Diagnostic Lab Patient Portal
Client: Diagnostic Lab

Our client is a leader in the development and commercialization of novel pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that enable physicians to provide greater individualized patient care.

Challenge: Diagnostic Lab Patient Portal

As an innovative organization, they developed a patented GI Diagnostic Testing Kit that can be requested online by physicians from our client’s laboratory and sent to patients to be administered in their own home.   This kit revolutionizes the patient experience for those struggling with chronic GI problems as they previously went through extensive testing with many different doctors using many different tests.

The current system for requesting diagnostic tests for patients and delivering results was a manual process, which proved to be very outdated, and had increased potential for mistakes. As there were many parties involved in requesting, testing, and delivering patient information, there was often a large time gap in testing and results delivery that the created the high potential for mistakes.

Solution: Streamlined Patient Portal Solution Simplifies Process and Creates Value

The client chose Dunn Solutions to deliver a full featured Patient Portal to its’ patient clients, physicians, and internal users. The Patient Portal was developed to integrate with the laboratories database using an enterprise service bus (ESB) in order to retrieve and display patient data. Patients are able to quickly and easily register themselves to the portal using codes given to them by their doctors. The doctors are also able to register themselves within the portal using their unique National Provider Identification (NPI) number for authentication. 

Using this portal, patients and doctors were able to see where the test was all along the way. From the tests initial request for delivery by the doctor, to its being delivered to the patient, to its being mailed out and tested by the laboratory. After testing doctors are then able to release results to patients via the portal. There was extra functionality built within the portal for the tests being requested to be shipped to the lab by FedEx. The portal also gives the patient information about the nearest drop off location for the completed testing kit.

The portal infrastructure is fully hosted and managed leveraging Microsoft Azure technology in order to ease the technology burden of the laboratory, so they can focus on what they do best – diagnostic testing. The portal leverages many out-of-the-box features including single sign-on access, content targeting, two factor authentication, and customizable workflows and tasks. Our expert developers also integrated many third-party systems including LIMS, accounting systems, and third-party logistics companies including FedEx. Additionally, our teams developed interactive graphs of test results, a native mobile application able to be used offline, and text messaging capabilities with the platform.

Result: Patient Testing Experience Revolutionized

With the new ease of in-home testing and patient portal, patients’ lives have been changed. The process of sample collection and submission, as well as the combination testing has effectively changed the lives of individuals struggling with chronic GI issues. The laboratories new patient portal streamlines the doctor/patient eco-system. Doctors can now order tests, send tests to the lab, and release results to the patients directly from the portal.