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Driving Advanced Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Marketers need data to successfully execute marketing initiatives. Luckily, having enough data is no longer an issue. Organizations have more data than ever before, and given the latest trends, have more data than they may be able to handle! Effectively using all this information makes the difference between "getting the same results as before" or "crushing past performance". Leveraging modern Predictive Analytics technology will ensure the latter.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how a marketer (not a data scientist) can use SAP's Predictive Analytics to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign. We will follow the approaches of three marketers in a hypothetical company called Acme Lawn Services and see who made the most of the information available to them!

In this webinar you will discover how:

- How marketers can leverage the masses of data gathered from all sources

- Predictive Analytics can triple company profit

- Marketers are able to employ advanced predictive analytics without the need of a data scientist