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Driving Meaningful Use through Patient Engagement Portals

Learn how quickly you can implement a Patient Engagement Portal for your patients.

Today's hospitals and clinics are highly incented to adopt more technology as a way of better serving patients and the community. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has established financial incentives to hospitals, hospital networks, and healthcare professionals relating to the promotion of "Better Care", "Smarter Spending" and ultimately "Healthier People". To measure this, the CMS has established objectives and clinical quality measures (CQMs) which they refer to as "Meaningful Use".

The importance of a Patient Engagement Portal

Many of the Meaningful Use measures relate to the patient, and both collecting and providing patient data. Providers face a challenge in that much of the information required is stored in multiple hospital systems, each with its own security and user interface. This creates a barrier for patients and makes it difficult for them to navigate the different systems and web presences within an organization.

Do you want to provide a seamless patient experience?

Do you want to improve patient outcomes?

Do you want to empower patients?

Join us for our "Driving Meaningful Use through Patient Engagement Portals" webinar ".

Our sixty-minute session will help you:

-Learn how to deploy a patient engagement portal.
-Learn how to break down the disparate back-end system barrier.
-Learn how to achieve the CMQ measures you desire.
-Learn how to meet your Meaningful Use objectives.


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