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E-Commerce Site Re-Platforming

Why a Retailer Migrated its Eyeware Brand Commerce Site to BigCommerce

Solution: E-Commerce, B2C E-Commerce, Digital Customer Platforms

Industry: Healthcare & Medical, Retail & Distribution, Consumer Goods

Project: Why a Retailer Migrated its Eyeware Brand Commerce Site to BigCommerce
Client: Online Eyeware Retailer

An independent eyeware company based in Minnesota offering a wide range of hand-crafted, speciality eyeware brands, wanted to re-platform and re-design its current B2C reading eyeglass e-commerce site to boost sales and improve customer experience.

Challenge: Eyeware Retailer Requires Change to E-Commerce Platform

The company's current B2C e-commerce site was built on an older version of Magento. The company found it difficult to manage and update the site's content on Magento, and the site was not very user friendly nor was it mobile responsive. 

With a focus on increasing online sales, the company wanted its e-commerce site to provide customers both in the U.S. and Canada with a modern, mobile responsive and easy to use shopping experience with versions in both English and French.  They also wanted the site to integrate with their backoffice ERP – SAP BusinessOne.  The company decided on the BigCommerce platform due its flexible interface, its ability to update content easily, and its' available cross-sell and up-sell features that can be leveraged to create personalized shopping experiences.

Solution: Dunn Solutions Team Implements Re-Design and Migration to New Platform

As a recommended BigCommerce partner Dunn Solutions was an ideal choice to implement the migration and re-design of the company's site to address their current challenges.

The Dunn Solutions team migrated all of the company's exisiting products, users, and content to the BigCommerce platform.  The company's current product catalog had about 3,000 SKUs with different price lists for both U.S. and Canada, as well language translations for both English and French.  Dunn Solutions also ensured that the new site integrated properly with its exisiting SAP ERP system.

Dunn Solutions leveraged BigCommerce's cross-sell and up-sell functionalities to create personalized product recommendations and developed a responsive, new design that would improve the site's shopping experience.

Result: Re-Design and Migration Yield Improved Customer Experience

The company is able to show off its B2C reading eyeglass brand on a new, modern, mobile responsive e-commerce site that offers its customers an easy to use navigation, personalized product recommendations and language versions in both English and French.  It is now much easier to make updates to products and content.  These enhancements will improve the site's overall shopping experience and will yield the eyeware company with greater actionable insights to increase sales in the future.