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Easy SAP BusinessObjects Administration: Manage, Audit, Document with 360View

SAP BusinessObjects administration (despite improvements in the BI4 release) is challenging, especially for companies with a large number of end users. Keeping up with the demand of day-to-day administration can quickly become overwhelming and demand more resources.

Admins can now more efficiently manage, audit and document in their own environment using 360view, an affordable and easy-to-use enhancement tool for BusinessObjects. 360view is SAP Certified for integration with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (R2 and 3.x) and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.

360view allows Admins to:

  • Manage your SAP BusinessObjects security
  • Explore and query your BO CMS in real-time
  • Maintain control over your BO deployment
  • 360view also offers additional modules for better management of reports, metadata, backup & recovery and migrations.

Our webinar explores the 360 Suite modules, important tools for effective SAP BusinessObjects administration


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