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Lack of Product Knowledge Impacting Value of Software Investment at Caribbean Telecommunications Company

Virtual SAP BI Training and Mentorship

Solution: Analytics, Business Intelligence

Industry: Telecommunications

Project: Virtual SAP BI Training and Mentorship
Client: Digicel

Digicel has mobile operations in thirty-one markets in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the South Pacific. The company employs an extensive business intelligence strategy leveraging SAP BI. Their most recent upgrade to XI3.1 included new products for the team to utilize, however without training their developers and end users were using products without a formal introduction to these tools and their functionalities.

Challenge: Logistics are Challenging

Through conversations with Dunn Solutions Group, management understood that a lack of training for their SAP BI developers and end users was impacting the potential and value of their software investment. While supportive of training, management was most concerned about the cost and logistics of delivering a program to students that were located in seven different countries; and travel budgets were limited.

Bringing everyone together for training would be time and cost prohibitive. Twenty people required the Universe Design and Xcelsius classes and thirty people required the Data Services and Data Quality classes, in addition to one manager who required a "train the trainer" program of condensed classes.

Solution: Dunn Solutions Group Builds Cost Effective Virtual Training Program

Dunn Solutions Group was able to leverage its training technology to meet the program requirements with limited travel time and expense with a virtual training program. The instructor and instructor's desktop was projected live at a conference room at each location where students were located, and students used their laptops for training exercises and a conference call line for audio. The interactive session allowed students to ask questions and generate discussions.

Result: Better Business Intelligence and Full Value of Software Realized

The virtual training program using remote environments allowed for a total of six weeks of training without anyone having to travel, and management was very pleased with the overall result. Digicel's Universe and Dashboard Designers, and ETL developers, are now empowered to deliver more insightful visualizations to decision makers and the full potential and value of the SAP BI investment is being realized.