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Extending Your Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Cloud

The current data revolution brings more challenges to the traditional data warehouse. Database size, load and query performance demand keep increasing with no end in sight. Demand also fluctuates; should you size for normal demand or peak demand? The cost and effort associated with meeting these challenges lays a huge burden on your organizations infrastructure. 

Is your enterprise data warehouse facing the following challenges? 

  • Fluctuating workload demands 
  • Increasing data volumes 
  • Performance issues at peak usages time 
  • Difficulties in scaling out databases 

If you are dealing with these issues, Dunn Solutions Group can help you resolve them with Microsoft's cloud-based Azure solutions. Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse is an elastic cloud-based solution that will enable your organization to manage these challenges. Tune in to this webinar series to learn how Dunn Solutions Group can help your organization use Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse to address demands. 

In our first webinar of the series, we explore how to extend your enterprise data warehouse to the Microsoft Azure Data Platform. We will cover: 

  • Migrate existing on premise data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse 
  • Migrate SSIS and SSIS to Virtual machine 
  • Visualize data in Power BI 


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