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SAP Lumira Server and Lumira Team Server Bring Stunning Self-Service BI to SAP BI 4.1

SAP Lumira is a trusted data discovery platform that allows business users and analysts to collect, prepare, visualize and present analytics easily, and in stunning fashion. SAP Lumira lets you analyze data by building interactive visualizations in a user-friendly drag-and-drop environment. You can bring issues to the surface and spot anomalies immediately, then share your discoveries with interactive story boards and powerful infographics. Lumira licenses are included with SAP BI Suite and SAP BI Edge, and Lumira can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

SAP Lumira Server makes Lumira even more powerful by allowing users to share their data stories and infographics with their teams, between departments, or across the enterprise. Lumira Server is available to SAP BI Suite 4.1 customers along with run-time license of HANA (to run Lumira Server).

SAP BI Edge Customers: Great news- SAP Lumira Team Server for Edge is now available! While Lumira Server requires SAP HANA, Lumira Edge Edition runs on Windows.

Our SAP Lumira Server overview presentation covers:

  • SAP Lumira's capabilities
  • What can be achieved with Lumira, and the added capabilities of Lumira Server
  • The differences between SAP Lumira Server and SAP Lumira Edge Edition