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Going beyond the Buzzwords – Cloud Analytics and Big Data with Social Streaming

In this new series our data experts will break down how easy Cloud Analytics and Big Data are to implement in your organization with programs like Microsoft Azure. Think of it as a cloud-based Lego™ set for enterprise solutions. You need to build an enterprise mobile app? No problem. You need to grow your enterprise analytics platform to include big data, social media and highly interactive analytics? No problem. 

In this first webinar of the series, we explore how using Microsoft Azure primarily from an Analytics point of view. We will show how to use Azure to: 

 Capture data from social media 
 Analyze in real-time 
 Store in both SQL Server and HDInsight 
 Visualize in Power BI 

This includes all the Microsoft technologies you have known and loved over the years as well as very powerful components for facial recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning and many more. 


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