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Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications for Increased Customer Satisfaction and Conversions

Traditional web applications are essentially a group of pages linked together. Every time a link on a page is clicked on, or a query is requested, the browser sends a request to the server to retrieve and refresh the page- and usually this happens in a second or two. However, because the entire page needs to re-load it can often take longer than that, and research has shown that even a one second delay in page load time can result in 11% fewer page views, 16% decreased customer satisfaction and 7% lost conversions.

Web developers are now looking to single-page applications (SPA's) to solve this problem. The web landscape is changing and an SPA architecture may be right for your next web application.

View our webcast for a detailed overview of SPA's. We also review some exciting new features in Liferay 7 which will further enable the SPA developer!

Our 45-minute webinar features:

  • Introduction to Single Page Apps
  • Importance of Single Page Apps
  • Important Characteristics of SPA
  • Conventional Server Side MVC vs. Modern Client side MVC
  • How to build SPA in Liferay 7 (SENNA.JS)