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How to take Patient & Family Engagement to the Next Level with a Patient Portal

Patient portals are an innovative way to combine all necessary parts of a successful care network.

Often time's patients in extended care facilities can have family far from where they are. Are you helping the patient experience by facilitating family communication? Can families access the business data such as contracts as well as well as their family member's health information quickly and easily? Or are you even sure you're giving your patients and their families the community and networks they need to collaborate and discuss the tough topics that come with extended care?

Delivering a unified view of a patient & family communication platform, business & transactional information, as well as a marketing site, can streamline the unique processes facilities like yours have to offer.
Join our webinar and learn what a custom Patient Portal can offer your organization, including:

Collaborative view of patient records for authorized family members

  Built-in two-way video conferencing for better patient care and family connection

  Patient/Family community forums to allow them to connect with other in the facilities community

  Account management with contracts, billing, scheduling and FAQ for patients &their family

  Branded informational site to allow people to find exactly the information they need about the services you offer


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