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Increasing Lifetime Value with Predictive Analytics, Part 1 Customer Acquisition

There is access to more data for marketers to make educated business decisions than ever before – BUT are you actually leveraging all of that data to increase company revenue through understanding your Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value is determined at each stage of the customer lifetime cycle – acquisition, retention, loyalty, and advocacy. Each stage presents unique opportunities and challenges that determine how successful a corporation will be in the short and long run.

In this first episode of our four-part webinar series, we will introduce you to the customer cycle and demonstrate how a company can be more effective in the first stage, the acquisition stage, using Predictive Analytics.

In this webinar you will discover:

-How to leverage Predictive Analytics for real-world marketing campaigns

-How to effectively determine customer propensity to buy

-How to determine real-world results of using Predictive analytics to optimize Customer Lifetime Value


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