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Integration of Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Looking in the rear-view mirror and studying what happened in the past is valuable. It can provide us with an explanation for what did happen. With this we can adjust how we do things moving forward. Today, this form of business intelligence is simply too slow. What we need is the ability to find those patterns in our historical information and use it to forecast what will happen and we need to be able to do that fast!

Consider your ecommerce site; someone has put an item in their basket... what additional product should you recommend? What offer should you extend to get them to buy more products? Will I hit my revenue numbers? With Microsoft Azure ML and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse you can find patterns, create predictive models and score data in real time and near real time!

In our previous webinars, we demonstrated how to migrate an existing on premise data warehouse to Microsoft Azure and how to integrate Big Data and perform real time analytics. In this webinar we will use the information in our Azure data warehouse and Azure ML to do churn analysis and product recommendation. The results will then be incorporated into our data warehouse and delivered via Power BI.

Join us and learn how Dunn Solutions Group can help you predict with Microsoft's cloud-based Azure Machine Learning solutions.


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