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Integration of Real Time Analytics and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

In our first Azure Analytics webinar we focused on the benefits of moving your data warehouse to the cloud and how Azure SQL Data Warehouse handles massive amounts of structured data. In this webinar, the second in our cloud analytics series, we turn our attention to unstructured real-time streaming data and how to integrate this Big Data challenge into our cloud-based architecture. 

Do you have the following challenges after migrating your data warehouse to Microsoft Azure?

  • Handling large volumes of streaming data
  • Processing data in near to real time
  • Integrating non-relational data sources into our existing data warehouse
  • Visualizing real time data in Power BI

Considering moving your data warehouse to the cloud? Need to integrate real-time streaming data into your data warehouse?  Watch this webinar and learn how Dunn Solutions Group can help you get there with Microsoft's cloud-based Azure solutions.