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Learn How eCommerce Can Grow Your B2B Business

As B2B customers increasingly purchase through eCommerce sites, being able to meet your customers' needs and improving their digital experience is critical to every B2B business's growth. Learn how companies can utilize a full-featured multi-channel eCommerce platform, like SAP hybris, to better service their B2B customers, meet their needs and drive customer loyalty.
You will learn how businesses leverage SAP hybris to drive revenues by: 

  • Creating the ability to place orders quickly and easily, including automatic replenishment 
  • Providing customer workflows for approvals and spending limits 
  • Easily creating customized catalogs and pricing for customers 
  • Provide Self-Service Account Management 
  • Providing secure login portals

Find out how our clients are using our eCommerce solution leveraging SAP hybris to power their B2B eCommerce sites and grow their business by providing their B2B customers with the capabilities they need to make the purchasing process quick, easy, and more efficient. 


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